Well I have made several cards for different challenges and tried to keep up with my New Years resolution, slightly behind as I realise it takes me about three days per card! lol I know... SLOW ! But at the moment it seems to take me a day to sit and think what I what to do as a stamp, or design, or colours ! I guess this will quicken once I get into the flow.

Now - as for the cards I have made ..... photographed...... here it comes - - - -
On my daughters camera ! and she has lost the cable to download to my computer ! (or she does not want me to see some photos on her camera and has 'misplaced' the cable). She thinks she may have left it in her study at school ! So if that is the case I am going to have to wait till Wednesday !

Then there will be the problem of getting the cable from my daughter at school and her camera without her home till the weekend - and asking my ex to drop the cable off for me as my car broke down just before Christmas and so I have no transport at the moment !

So you have to agree that's a pretty darn good excuse for not having uploaded my photos yet of my cards for the challenges !

I guess even as a couple have already finished I could still upload once I get them downloaded !

UPLOAD- DOWNLOAD - INLOAD - OUTLOAD !! Think I need a rest ! lol


  1. Oh - what a bummer......well - hope she finds that cable soon- because now you made us all very curious ;-) Kram - Anki

  2. Oh what a shame! Can't wait to see the photo's hunny

    hugs Bev x


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