Well is' been so long since I have had a chance to post on my blog. It seems rather busy in my life at the moment, work is good, Kati is playing for Avon County Hockey tomorrow and I guess sometimes just normal day to day things take over.

Kati was so pleased to be chosen for the final team and she has worked so hard with all her training. I am so so proud of her ! Will have some fab photos of her soon to go on my blog - she won't like that! lol.

One of my cats, Willow, has been poorly this week with a respiratory infection. she has been sneezing blood everywhere, so it has been a constant battle to clean up after her! It's amazing where cat snot can go! lol She refuses to use a hankie! naughty girl. She did have an antibiotic injection at the vets on Tuesday and seems a bit better, but is still sneezing a little. Kati thinks it's hilarious when I hear Willow sneeze and dash to find out where with cloth and antibacterial spray in hand!

Lots of other crappy stuff has been going on, but I am not writing negative thoughts, they have passed and I am only going to think positively!

So I am hoping to get some cards..... yes plural made tonight! Well that is my plan, but it's nearly 7pm already and I have only just sat down to blog! lol

I was watching the recording (again and again!) of Comic Relief with some of Eastenders doing the 'Full Monty' ~ Minty's hat slips rather, but for the life of me I can't get it to pause in the right place!

Gosh how sad am I!

So apologies to all for not keeping n touch and I hope that I can now be more regular! Fingers crossed!

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