I am pleased to say I had a brainwave the other day and decided that if I bought the girls a nice cushion (very large) to sleep on they would be less of a clutter and interference with my card making on my desk (kitchen table !) Angel loves it but she is always chilled like this and Pip just likes to be close!

Willow and Pip love it (pip always has to be in on the act!) and it keeps their fur on the cushion and off my small area for crafting! I was so pleased with myself I have been pudding dancing all round the kitchen! AGAIN!


As you can see the plan worked until 5 minutes ago! Can you train a very fat dopey black cat to sit in the right place??

This is when mojo has disappeared and mischief has set in! (me not the cats!)

Had to share this with you all! I thought I would get my own back and as I was lacking some mojo but had lots of mischief I glued this bow to Angel's head ! I hasten to add the glue was washable and when she started to move I did remove it so she didn't look stupid going outside! lol .

A little worrying as she did not seem to mind in the slightest !


  1. What are you like - thanks for the giggle hun

    hugs Bev x

  2. I just love your cats! They are so funny! My grandcat Smokey has taken to laying on my lap when I'm trying to type on my laptop. It's difficult to work with a big fluffy tail swishing over the keyboard. Yeeesh!

  3. rofl,
    Julie you are so funny, that bow is a lovely shade of lilac obviously her colour..
    our cats are stunning.
    hope you had fun building your snow cat.. and i don't think that you are mad just very sweet.
    I use a small tent thing it only cost me £10.00 but i can't remember where i got it from...if i do remember i'll let you know..

  4. that should have said your cats not ours xxx


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