I was absolutely stunned and speechless (yes, unusual for me!) to have received this very special award from Barb at 'Made for Keeps'
How sweet is that! I have only been blogging for a very short while, but all the people I meet and chat with are so lovely and always willing to help or give good advice!
I could not believe someone would think of me for this award and I am so grateful she has given this to me.
Barb has a real eye for bringing a design together and her blog is full of love and inspiration. So pop over and have a look, you won't be disappointed.

I have really felt the love and inspiration shared by fellow crafters on blogging and I am so glad I 'stumbled' upon this very unique set of friends.

Part of receiving this award is the pleasure of passing it on to fellow crafters that enjoy sharing their creations and their love and passion for crafting. So I am passing this award on to the following 5 people with a huge thanks and lots of love !

1. Bev - All the things I love
2. Rach - Papercraftsbyrach
3. Amanda - Sticklepink
4. Katharina Frei - Creative Ideas
5. Jacqi - Cats Whiskers
5. Debby - Scrapjourney

What an apt award to be giving and receiving around Valentines day ! .....spreading the love of our craft with others!

p.s. I know I can't count, but I wanted these 5 + 1 so i thought if I added 5 twice you would not notice ! lol


  1. Huge congrats Julie on receiving your first award, i am sure that you will have many many more..
    thank you so much for thinking of me when passing it on.
    big hugs Rachxx

  2. Aww thanks so much babes, this means so much coming from you xxxxx

  3. Oh thanks hun this is so sweet of you dear, you sure deserve it and as Rach said I am sure it will be one of many. Congrats and cary on crafting and blogging its the best place to be. I will be back a bit later to pick this up and put it on my blog
    big hugs
    Jacqui x

  4. Well done on your first award but I know it will not be the last. You deserve it as you are a very special, kind and helpful friend. Thank you for thinking of me.
    big hugs
    Amanda xxx


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