Those familiar with Pippa and her antics will not be surprised by these events. But to say that she was almost sent for adoption (she is a cat for anyone who is reading this and thinks to report me for child cruelty!) is an understatement.

As she is rather large (greedy) she sprawls out over my craft table (kitchen table) and takes up most of the space. Having been rescued when she was only 7 weeks old she is very loyal and does not go far from home - mostly in the garden and also follows you around the house constantly. It does not matter what you are doing or where you are Pippa is there either talking or purring !

So to set the scene..... I am sat at my craft table, reading some blogs, having spent some considerable time colouring in some stamped images to have as spares for new challenges, trying to get organised and ahead of myself ! Ha Ha. Pippa as always is sprawling across what little space is left. She wants a cuddle so, like a beached whale, she rolls over onto her back (this is how she also sleeps !), paws in the air, making a throat whining sound and head cocked at a jaunty angle to say "Come on, give us a snug"! So I tickle her under the chin and carry on. This is obviously not enough as she decides to rub her chin against the box of pencils and distress inks I have on the EDGE of the table ! So all I hear as I jump out of my skin and Pippa flies off the table is a loud bang and clatter of box, pencils and ink pads as they scatter all over the kitchen floor ! Like buttered toast some of the ink pads lose their lids and land pad side down.

She is not frightened bu this, on the contrary she thinks this is a super game and even better to pat and chase the pencil all over the floor and goal score with them under my fridge! I now am 3 pencils less than the day before !

So I tidy this mess as she looks on as if she has had nothing to do with this mess. I wipe up the ink blobs off the kitchen floor and the cat paw prints that she thinks are a great design addition to the floor from walking over the ink pads with no lids !

Back to the table for a rest (Pippa not me!). I eventually get settled back down only to be disturbed by another CRASH !

Looking for a new comfy seat Pippa has tried to sit on top of my Cricut Expression, which has a rounded top ! She has slid off and now lays on her side on the table, but has landed on a pot of water used for cleaning my brushes, this has been propelled all over my table, new colourings, papers, two 60th birthday number books cut out on my Cricut and an album I am scrapbooking for my friends little girl !

and she is just laying on her side as if so say "Who pushed me off there"?!

I give up !


  1. Too funny!! Maybe that's why I have 9 dogs instead of a cat lol. Go Pippa!!!!!

    hugs Bev x

  2. What a cute little cat. So fun to read what she's been up to. Kram - Anki

  3. That Pippa will be glad she has nine lives!

    I have something special for you here!


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