I gave up trying to enter challenges to spur me on with my Christmas card making; maybe not the best time of year to be challenging yourself! Typical me! So I still haven't got many cards made..... I must put a day aside for cards only !

So I have not been idle in a craft sense I have been making a word book for a neighbour of mine who's first child was born last Saturday, Ruby - what a lovely name. Anyway I have taken some photos to go on my blog, but they are totally rubbish - sorry! Hope you get the idea!

This morning I am busy looking at card and colours etc., trying to get so inspiration to make a card and one of my cats, Angel (hmm no she is not!) decides that she wants to come up and help.... She walks across my stamped images that I have coloured, on the card I am trying to decide on, across my printed sentiment, over the printer, jumps onto the scanner, scramble, scramble, CRASH! yes she knocked it onto the floor and broke it! Then jumps onto the pc (warmest spot) and start to clean herself totally oblivious to the carnage left behind !

Animals, who'd have them !

So now I can't scan and can only take c_ _ p photos! lol ! Never mind, you get the gist!

Can't ask my mum for a new camera for Christmas as have already asked and got a new scrummy coat (which I have worn to death for the last two weeks since getting it!)

Hope you like the book and the photo of Angel!!

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