My first publication!

Well this is my very first publication. I hope you like it. The colours are not brilliant together as most of my stash is in boxes at the moment, so I don't know what I have and haven't got - so have to make do! But I think my future shopping trips will be much more co-ordinated!

Thanks to bev things and all her inspiration and advice I have plucked up the courage and posted this!
I will probably look back in a year and cringe!
Thanks to all for your beautiful creations that inspire!



  1. Hi Julie,

    A nice card. Its quite exciting to see your first card online. I remember mine.
    I like your card, reminds me of my first cards. The Tilda was the 2nd Magnolia I bought, and I still like it.

    Well, have a nice time in "Blogland"


  2. Hello Julie, great card you have done, I love those colours you have used and that image is one of my favourites! Good that you have created a blog, take care

  3. Gr8 Job, owe and how exciting for you:o)


I always appreciate your comments and they make my day.